The epic journey continues: Thales’ next steps

L2 deployment status, Thales Royale, Thales game, new whitepaper, and governance overhaul

Have you ever heard the phrase:

L2 deployment

As you might already know, last week the Optimism network went through a successful regenesis that introduced several key changes for projects aiming to develop in this network, including the highly-anticipated EVM equivalence.

Projects riding the OE wave!

Thales Royale

After the first Thales’ trading competition on mainnet ended, we clearly understood one thing:

Do you have what it takes?

Tale of Thales: Gamifying finance

For those who frequent Thales’ Discord it's no surprise that one of the recent additions to Thales core contributors, Sanguine, it’s a game developer with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Tale of Thales… coming soon.

Thales Whitepaper v1.0

As we continue developing Thales, we felt the need to encompass our current offering into something that let us expand into new, untapped markets, while still giving potential users clarity about the scope of the platform.

Rebuild and reconstruct

And that’s not all, some other things that are being worked on are:

  • Governance site is also being reworked in preparation for the next Thales Council elections, which is going to be conducted using staked THALES for voting power. A massive step for ThalesDAO, stay tuned!
  • Discord revamp: Thales’ Discord is known for it’s bot integrations (having the botmaster kinda helps, ngl) and as of now it counts with even more useful bots than the old Discord. Be sure to check those out!
The Eidos.

Binary options re-imagined. Exploring on-chain derivatives in the Ethereum network.