Tale of Thales launch is here 🎮

The beginning of a gamified future of finance

5 min readJan 24, 2022

The big day has come and we couldn’t be more excited about it! 🔥

If you’ve read our last blog post (and if you haven’t seriously start there first!) you’ll know that today, January 24th, it’s release day for this long-awaited free-to-play gamified experience where you’ll be able to put yourself into Thales’ pixelated sandals while he explores the town of Miletus and learns about Parimutuel markets.

When beta testers Kain and Jordan, both founding members of Synthetix, gave us their thumbs up after playing around, we felt a rush of adrenaline and were pretty excited about releasing this to the public as soon as possible.

Not only a mini game tho, read this post until the end!
Thanks, dear Spartan general!

But… not without first introducing some Easter eggs, so players (and seasoned gamers) could discover those for a chance to get up to 5,200 THALES in rewards plus an exclusive 8/8 Thales Gamer NFT.

Thales Gamer NFT by Bob Zivkovic

Yes, you read that right, you might get paid to play!

How does the Easter egg hunt work?

For those that are not familiar with the term, an Easter egg is basically something hidden, where you need to do some specific (unknown) steps in the game to be able to unlock it.

Pro tip: You can play Tale of Thales as many times as you want in the search for the most difficult-to-find Easter eggs. This is why trying different things is highly advised!

So, once the game is live here, whenever you find an Easter egg there’s going to be an in-game pop-up describing it and a small egg icon will appear on the top right corner (you can click the egg if you need the pop-up to show again).

Easter eggs on top-right of the screen (when found)

If you find one and want to report it as the first (to qualify for the reward), you’ll need to take a screenshot and post it in this dedicated Discord channel (it’ll open up once the game is available).

A total of 5,200 THALES rewards for this initiative will be distributed as follows:

300 THALES for the first Easter Egg that is discovered
400 THALES for the second Easter Egg that is discovered
500 THALES for the third Easter Egg that is discovered
600 THALES for the fourth Easter Egg that is discovered
700 THALES for the fifth Easter Egg that is discovered
800 THALES for the sixth Easter Egg that is discovered
900 THALES for the seventh Easter Egg that is discovered
1000 THALES for the eight (and final) Easter Egg that is discovered

Please note that these rewards will be distributed once the THALES token is live on Optimism.

Those who find an Easter egg have to decide if they want to report immediately (locking the reward for themselves) or wait out until someone reports another Easter egg (for the chance of a higher reward risking the chance of someone else discovering it!).

Reminder: Only the first one to find it and report it in this Discord channel gets the rewards.

You can check all the Easter eggs that have been already reported in this Discord channel (read-only).

We’ll make an announcement in our Discord and Twitter once the 8 Easter eggs have been found.

It’s important to clarify that you can play the game and follow the storyline without even thinking about finding the Easter eggs. We believe the game is already entertaining by itself, but we won’t say more about it to not spoil the fun.

Also, we are not gonna spill the beans on the many cameos from the cryptoworld that appear in the game, you’ll have to play it to find out!

Pro tip: If you connect your wallet (top right corner on Thales platform website) we’ll be able to track those who finished the game. We can’t confirm nor deny if this will get you anything in return, but you might as well try, right?

What to do in preparation for the game?

We couldn’t let this novel initiative pass without throwing some Discord event just before it’s starting time!

So, for those interested in hearing more about the development of Tale of Thales by it’s own creator, Sanguine, you can join us on Discord on January 24th at 12:30PM UTC (half an hour before the launch) for an interview + AMA (ask me anything).

And just right after the AMA is done, one of Thales resident DJs will delight us with some 8-bits and game tunes for the full gamer nostalgia experience 🎵

And yes, of course the band will be there too!

Cool, eh?

And what can we expect after this first Tale of Thales release?

We are glad you ask, dear anon 😆. The potential for expanding this it’s enormous.

This is a list of some of our ideas on where to take it for the next releases:

  • Miletus Metaverse 🌐
  • Integration with other NFT projects (hello Wizards!)
  • In-game NFT items 🎣
  • World expansion (by land or by sea) ⛵️
  • Different playable characters (maybe unlocked by Thales’ NFTs?) 👀
  • Integration with other DeFi protocols 🙌
  • Interaction with smart contracts on Optimism network from within the game, like accessing Thales’ Parimutuel markets or signing for Thales Royale 👑
What if…

Are you ready to explore Miletus?

As mentioned before, Tale of Thales officially launches on January 24th at 1PM UTC.

Even though we threw in the Easter eggs and THALES incentives to promote the game release, please remember to take a breather and enjoy this experience, as we built the game first and foremost to:

  1. Onboard users in a fun way into Thales protocol
  2. Give our community a bit of relief and distraction in these challenging times
  3. Bridge the gap between DeFi and Gaming

You’ll be able to play it here once the counter reaches zero (might need to refresh the page when that happens, just so you are aware) and you can share your progress, comments or whatever you want related to the game in Tale of Thales Discord channel.

And remember, this is just the beginning 🚀

See you in Miletus!




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.