Tale of Thales launch is getting close and it comes with rewards 👀

At Thales we love games so much (remember Thales Royale?) that, since a few months ago, we even have in our ranks one Core contributor fully focused on game development.

We like the Sanguine.

Sanguine, who has 10+ years of game development experience, started his journey at Thales as a community member, championing the idea of creating a parallel world where Thales of Miletus (the historical figure, our hero) could roam free and help people learn about Parimutuel markets (and the Thales platform) at the same time.

Since day 1 his professional approach, paired with great sense of humor and mad skills for translating our crazy ideas into pixels made us feel we were into something big here.

And that’s how Tale of Thales started!

Thales in Miletus market

Enter Tale of Thales

After Sanguine joined Thales officially, we continued developing and fine-tuning the concept of how to onboard users into DeFi and the Thales platform while making the experience as fun as possible.

This is why we decided to tell the story of Thales of Miletus but with a little twist…

(Sorry no spoilers here, you’ll have to play it to find out!)

During his adventure, Thales will be meeting and interacting with some known characters from the cryptoworld while he learns the ropes of how to make great trades in the Parimutuel markets he’s offered. Well I guess we can throw one small spoiler…

Do you recognize him?

But that’s not all, keep reading!

Calling out all gamers 🎮

As a way of showcasing this initiative and sharing it with the maximum amount of people possible we’ve decided to run an incentivized campaign where early players could roam around Miletus and try to find some Easter eggs in exchange for some THALES rewards (and of course, the honor of being one of the few who do it before anyone else!)

So… how this will work?

For starters, Tale of Thales will be released on Monday 24th at 1:00PM UTC.

We are giving everyone plenty of notice (one week ahead) to set their alarms and save the date, so there’s an equal field for all participants.

Pro tip: You can join this Discord event if you want to be reminded of the date.

Once you start playing the game you’ll be transported to the pixelated town of Miletus and will be free to explore it and interact with their inhabitants.

We won’t go into many details here to not spoil the fun, of course, but you do need to know that whenever you find an Easter egg there’s going to be an in-game pop-up describing it and a small egg icon will appear on the top right corner (you can click the egg if you need the pop-up to show again).

Easter Eggs on top right corner

If you find one, and want to report it as the first (to qualify for the reward), you’ll need to take a screnshot and post it in this dedicated Discord channel (it’ll open up once the game is available).

THALES rewards for this initiative will be as follows:

300 THALES for the first Easter Egg that is discovered
400 THALES for the second Easter Egg that is discovered
500 THALES for the third Easter Egg that is discovered
600 THALES for the fourth Easter Egg that is discovered
700 THALES for the fifth Easter Egg that is discovered
800 THALES for the sixth Easter Egg that is discovered
900 THALES for the seventh Easter Egg that is discovered
1000 THALES for the eight (and final) Easter Egg that is discovered

Totaling 5200 THALES to be distributed among 8 Easter egg finders. Please note that this rewards will be distributed once the THALES token is live on Optimism.

Reminder: Only the first one to find it and report it in this Discord channel gets the rewards!

The attentive reader might have noticed that for every Easter egg discovered the reward of the next-to-be-discovered goes up, effectively making the Easter egg reporting in our Discord another game, where those who find an Easter egg have to decide if they want to report immediately (locking the reward) or wait out until someone reports another Easter egg (risking the chance of someone else discovering it!).

You can check all the Easter eggs that have been already reported in this Discord channel (read only).

And if this wasn’t enough to get you hyped, on top of those sweet rewards we have something very special for the first Easter egg finders…

A new 8/8 exclusive Thales gamer NFT by the amazing Bob Zivkovic!

Thales Gamer NFT

Pro tip: You can play Tale of Thales as many times as you want, trying different things to see if you can get the hardest-to-find Easter eggs.

Are you excited for the treasure hunt, anon?

Well, we for sure are!

The potential for this kind of initiatives is huge, bridging the gamer world into web3. This is just the beginning of what we are doing in terms of GameFi, what if down the line you could interact with smart contracts from within the game…

Remember to join the Discord event so you are one of the first to start this epic quest (remember: Jan 24th, 1PM UTC), and if you wanna chat about this initiative we’ve created a dedicated Tale of Thales Discord channel.

See you in Miletus!




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.

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Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.

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