Join us in Tale of Thales Metaverse: A free-to-play online game in 8-bit Miletus

Are you ready for some adventure, quests, and CT cameos?

7 min readMar 27, 2023

At Thales, we are highly focused on developing the best protocol for positional markets and providing the infrastructure for platforms that wanna tap into this for different niches, as Overtime markets did for sports.

But that’s not everything we do at Thales. We also love having fun, especially with our community members!

This is why, after seeing the amount of praise and wholesome comments we received for launching Tale of Thales v1 (onboarding story mode game), we set on a quest (pun intended) to expand its scope and dream bigger.

And oh boy we aimed high, developing Miletus to support concurrent players with an in-game chat, wearable NFTs, and new game mechanics, characters (hello CT!), and quests!

If you cannot wait to play, you can jump into Tale of Thales Metaverse here.

Aight, enough with the intro, let’s get to the chase.

Welcome to Miletus

POV: You just landed on Miletus ready to explore!

So, after selecting your character's basic appearance, equipping wearable NFTs (if you have some), and connecting your wallet (selecting Optimism or Arbitrum networks) on the login screen you’ll land in Miletus. Here’s where the adventure begins!

On the top right corner, you’ll see the server latency (in green/yellow/red numbers, depending on your connection), the number of players online, and a volume selector.

On the top left corner you’ll see your character name and the number of gold coins (in-game currency) you have (we’ll share more details about this down the line).

You can start by exploring the city and its surroundings, talking with the characters (including Thales himself!), and looking for ways to participate in ongoing quests.

Chatting with the man himself

Can you spot all the character cameos from other protocols/projects? 👀
Share with us on Twitter if you find one!

The first quest (lasting one week) will be a fishing competition, you can read more about it below 👇.

Launch quest: Fishing competition 🎣

To start this journey into the metaverse we decided to celebrate with a competition that mixes both skill and a bit of luck, and what better way to do this than with a virtual fishing competition?

This quest will start on March, Monday 27th 4:30PM UTC, and will last until April, Monday 3rd 4:30PM UTC.

The fisherman will provide all the instructions for the competition 🎣

Every fishing attempt will measure 3 factors to determine how many points you get:

  • Strength (how accurate you are in hitting the *sweet* spot for throwing the line)
  • Reeling ability (how precise you are in staying within the AB range). Hint: It’s harder than it looks!
  • Rarity: This is luck-based.
    Hint: There might be spots where some catches appear more often than others, so better try and fish in different spots!

So, you might be wondering, what are the prizes for this fishing competition?

  • Everyone who participates in the launch fishing quest will be able to mint the Regular fisherman set.
  • Those who, at the end of the competition, stay in the top 20% will be able to mint the Camouflage fisherman set.
  • And those with elite skills that manage to end the competition in the top 5%, will be able to mint the Luxury fisherman set.

Please remember that these NFTs will be available to mint at the end of the competition (after Monday April 3rd 4:30PM UTC).

Regular, Camouflage, or Luxury fisherman sets. Fancy, eh?

If you wanna check how are you faring during the fishing competition, just check the fish statue next to the fisherman for the leaderboard. It’ll tell you about your current top 5 catches (used to determine your score) and which NFTs are you eligible to mint at the end of the competition (if all rankings stayed the same).

Someone seems to like crabs around here.

Only the catches made while the competition last will count towards the fishing leaderboard. After the competition ends those with fishing rods equipped will still be able to keep enjoying perfecting their fishing skills and finding rare catches.

If you have any doubts or questions about the fishing competition please join Thales Discord so we can help you out.

And now, a surprise for those staking THALES

THALES stakers, get your Miletus soldier armor!

We are always thinking of ways to reward the strong supporters of Thales, so for this release, we decided to let those who’ve been staking THALES in either Optimism or Arbitrum have the chance to claim the OG Armor of Tale of Thales: The Miletus soldier armor 💪

OG THALES stakers will be able to sport the Miletus soldier armor.

The snapshot for THALES stakers on both Arbitrum and Overtime was taken on March 22nd (around 11AM UTC) and the cutoff amount was 10 THALES staked. So, everyone who was staking until the epoch changed should be good to go for this Miletus soldier armor.

Just make sure to connect the wallet you use to stake THALES and be sure to select the correct network where you stake (Arbitrum or Optimism). If you do this right, you’ll be able to mint the Miletus soldier armor (in the dedicated Mint NFT tab, see the image below) and wear it in-game for everyone to see.

Mint NFT tab is where you’ll find all the wearable NFTs you can mint

Bronze, silver, or gold armor for Thales markets users

If you didn’t make the THALES staker snapshot for the Miletus armor, then fear not, because there are more chances to get some cool armor.

You’ll be able to mint Bronze, Silver, or Gold armors depending on the volume you generate in the Thales markets dapp and/or in the Overtime markets dapp in either Optimism or Arbitrum. This volume is obtained from on-chain data, so as soon as you hit a volume tier you’ll be able to mint the armor. You can check your volume on the profile page here.

The volume tiers are:

  • Bronze armor: Needs to have 100 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)
  • Silver armor: Needs to have 1,000 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)
  • Gold armor: Needs to have 10,000 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)

These volume thresholds are ongoing (no snapshot or cut-off date, for the time being). Higher tiers will also be able to mint the lower-tier NFTs.

Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Which one is for you, anon?

It’s important to note that all NFTs (fisherman sets and armors) can be minted in either Optimism or Arbitrum networks. For the armor, it depends on which networks you generated the volume (Gold, Silver, Bronze) or have THALES staked (Miletus soldier armor).

These NFTs don’t have any creator royalties nor hold any intrinsic value, as this game was created solely with the purpose of developing fun ways to interact with the community and onboard more people into the Thales ecosystem.

So, do you want a summary of Tale of Thales Metaverse features for this release?

  • Create and customize your own character
  • Interact with other players that are online
  • Collect and equip NFT gear
  • Mix and match different NFT sets for your unique look
  • NFTs can be listed/traded on marketplaces like OpenSea
  • Explore Miletus and the surrounding areas
  • Chat with familiar characters (NPCs) from the Thales community and the broader ecosystem.
  • Link to and to trade Positional Markets
  • Guided Tutorial for trading Positional Markets with in-game mockup trading (on Tale of Thales v1 or Story mode)
  • Regularly scheduled quests you can complete
  • Discover Easter eggs referencing Thales lore

Pretty cool, eh?

What should I do now if I want to jump into Miletus?

That’s easy to answer!

Just click here and you’ll be redirected to the Tale of Thales Metaverse page, where you’ll need to connect your wallet (selecting either Optimism or Arbitrum networks) and start playing.

Connecting a wallet is needed to save the game progression (like what are your best catches while the fishing competition lasts) and to be able to equip the NFTs you have there.

Excited about it? Cause we are!

You can join Thales Discord to chat about ongoing quests, solve any question you might have, or just hang out sharing your best catches 🐠

Oh, and speaking about good catches, if you come across something you wanna share with the world just tag us on Twitter @thalesmarket for a chance to be featured ✨

See you soon in Miletus, anon, and may the best fisherman win the competition 🎣




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.