The Aion release

Multi-part release

This last week has been kinda hectic with many things being released in parallel, from Thales’ first trading competition to THALES token staking, not to mention the UI updates, multilanguage support, and bug fixes.

This is why we needed to do this release on separate merges, given the number of changes needed.

Oooo I’m merging

We’ll explore these changes in the next section.

Continuing with the trend set in this post, this release is called Aion, the god of eternity, personifying cyclical and unbounded time (some time-bending ancient chad).

The Aion release

Here’s a brief summary:

Thales goes multilanguage!

You can find the GitHub release notes (of the last merged branch in this release) here.

What’s next?

While Thales’ first trading competition continues its course on Ethereum mainnet, we maintain ourselves laser-focused in bringing Thales platform onto Layer 2 (Optimism network).

It’s also important to point out that THALES token staking is already live and it’ll be distributing 50,000 THALES weekly (per epoch) among those who stake. The current (and first!) epoch just started a few days ago and will finish on Wednesday, October 20th (fwiw there’s a counter in our Discord), being followed by epoch number 2 and so on. We encourage you to read the blog post to get all the details.

Epoch countdown in Thales’ Discord

You can also provide THALES/ETH liquidity on DODO for dual rewards: 50,000 THALES and 15,000 DODO to be distributed weekly with no lockup nor vesting.

And last, but not least, the best thing you can do to stay up to date (or even get involved) with Thales is to join our Discord.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Now back to buidling.

Onwards! 💪



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