The Aether release

Responsiveness all around

We decided to tackle more of the feedback we’ve received from the Thales community a.k.a the Thales Titans, and focus our efforts on 3 key points for this release:

Continuing with the trend set in this post, this release is called Aether, the god of light and the upper atmosphere (spacesuit not included).

The Aether release

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Market overview page, market creation page, and leaderboard are now responsive.
  • Added net profit column to the leaderboard (please take into account that only markets that have reached maturity are counted for the profit calculation).
  • You can now combine filters on the market overview page.
  • The quick trading page now allows opening markets in new tabs.
  • “Sell” mode on the quick trading page now displays the amount of sellable binary option tokens (sLONG and sSHORT) you own.
  • Quick trading new column “Return if win” is sortable and shows the theoretical ROI you could get if your chosen option wins.
  • Added the change (in %) needed for an asset to reach strike price on the quick trading page.
  • Fixed Brave browser issue with strict fingerprinting (now disabled, h/t to 0xaeto for reporting this).
  • Misc. bug fixing.

You can find the Github release notes here.

Mobile responsive screens

Market creation page (mobile version, be ready to scroll down 😆)

Market overview page (mobile version)

Leaderboard (mobile version)

What’s next?

Our efforts continue to be focused on two fronts: THALES token generation event and expanding Thales dapp into L2.

While we continue pursuing those goals we’ll keep iterating and improving our current dapp with the awesome feedback and support from our community.

And who knows, maybe we even use that shiny new feature on the leaderboard and organize a trading competition. Probably nothing 😆

Let’s go Thales Titans!

The best way to stay tuned to Thales's latest developments is to join our Discord.

We’ll wait for you there ✌️



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Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.