Thales video library: Guides, walkthroughs, and products overview

Everything you wanted to know about Thales but were too afraid to ask

4 min readAug 19, 2022
Now, where did I put that article?

We know navigating the information around a new protocol and its applications can be daunting.

In the case of Thales, with various platforms built on top of the protocol (Thales markets, Ranged markets, Exotic markets, and Overtime markets), deployed on two Layer-2 networks (Ethereum scaling solutions), Optimism and Polygon, and with a robust on-chain governance system it surely gets harder to tackle in just one bite.

For this reason, we’ve created this blog post: A comprehensive video guide to Thales and its ecosystem. This blog post will be updated as more video guides come to light.

Thales protocol and platform

Thales protocol, website, and dapp overview

Every epic quest has a beginning and this is the one in your Thales journey! Get an overview of what Thales is about, how the website is structured, and get a glimpse of how to navigate Thales markets.

How to use Thales’ AMM for UP and DOWN markets?

Now that you already understand a bit about Thales and how it works we’ll dive deeper into the AMM (Automated market maker) functionality and how to interact with it. Plenty of examples to follow along!

How to use Thales’ AMM for IN and OUT markets (also known as ranged markets)?

After mastering the UP and DOWN markets you might want to level up and get to know the ranged markets and their IN and OUT tokens, that express your position related to a crypto-asset price range. Can you see the potential of powerful complex strategies at your fingertips?

Thales on-chain referral program

Thales has championed the first, to our knowledge, on-chain referral program where you can share a referral link with people you onboard to Thales and get 1% of their total volume deposited into your wallet after each trade they make 😮

How to use Thales’ on-boarding wizard?

So far we’ve covered how to interact with the Thales protocol and its dapp assuming you already have a web3 wallet and are familiar with Ethereum layer 2 solutions (like Optimism and Polygon). If this isn’t the case and you need a little bit of help installing and funding your first web3 wallet or migrating to a layer 2 network, then this video tutorial is for you. The onboarding wizard has options for credit cards, centralized exchange withdrawals, and bridging from other chains.

A detailed guide on THALES token staking

The THALES token is a standard ERC-20 used for governance purposes of ThalesDAO by the Thales community. The THALES token has a gamified staking system where you get base THALES rewards and bonus ones (if you also stake SNX and/or use the protocol or any of its products). Check the video for the full scoop!

How is Thales governance structured?

As we said earlier, THALES is a governance token and when staked on Thales dapp it gives voting power (proportional to the amount staked) for the governance elections of Thales DAO. This ensures THALES stakers can choose aligned representatives for the Thales Council, who is in charge to propose, overseeing, and approving protocol-level changes in the smart contracts.

Products built on top of Thales

So far we’ve talked about Thales protocol and its platform, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what’s possible to build based on Thales protocol smart contracts architecture.

Overtime markets video walkthrough

With over 200,000 USD in volume during its first month live, Overtime markets is showing the world why being DeFi’s first sports AMM is something major!

Utilizing Chainlink sports data feeds for odds and matches results, Overtime is the first decentralized on-chain sports marketplace.

Currently supporting MLB, MLS, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, EPL, NFL (preseason), and UFC matches, the future looks bright!

Learn more about Overtime with this guided video walkthrough.

Exotic markets video walkthrough

This is a clear example of the flexibility that Thales protocol smart contracts provide, allowing users to create (and participate in) markets where the imagination is the limit.

The permissionless market creation, plus a simple but effective open review period, and the possibility for anyone to resolve the market (being this resolution also subject to community disputes) allows Exotic markets to have a wide offer while still ensuring trustworthy markets.

Learn more about Exotic markets with the video guide below.

Where to find more information?

If after watching these videos you still have some doubts or wanna learn more, we highly suggest you check the corresponding documentation and join Thales Discord where the community will gladly guide you and help out while you discover all things Thales has to offer 💪

Thales market and ranged markets
Overtime markets
Exotic markets

More to come.
Expect us.




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.