Thales Royale Seasons are going live on Optimism!

Thales Royale on testnet, December2021, Colorized

What is Thales Royale?

What’s it gonna be, Neo?

How do I participate in Thales Royale Seasons?

  • Season I: Monday, January 31st, 16:00 UTC
  • Season II: Monday, February 14th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season III: Monday, February 28th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season IV: Monday, March 14th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season V: Monday, March 28th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season VI: Monday, April 11th, 16:00 UTC
  • All buy-ins
  • 1000 THALES (incentive added from treasury)
  • 1000 sUSD (incentive added from treasury)
This could be yours, collect them all!

Thales Royale Seasons:

  • Event Sign-up phase duration: 3 days (72 hours)
  • Number of Rounds per Season: 6 rounds
  • Individual Round Duration: 24h (8h positioning phase + 16h resolution phase)
  • Buy-in: 30 sUSD
  • Total Prize pool per Season: Current Season’s buy-in pool + 1000 sUSD + 1000 THALES
  • If there is only a single person “alive” after a certain round, he is declared the winner.
  • If everyone is eliminated after a certain round, the final round participants are all declared winners.

So, what’s gonna be?



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