Thales Royale Season I is Complete!

After 6 brutal rounds Season I of Thales Royale has come to an end. Now that the dust has settled we can reflect on the huge success of Season I, with 151 participants battling over the price of ETH and showing no mercy. We’ve seen evidence of the passion, the angst, and the constant friendly trash-talk in our discord and now we finally have our winners. Congrats to the 7 survivors who were clever enough to navigate Thales Royale and live to tell the tale:

Behold your Season I winners!

Each of the winners will receive their share of all 151 buy-ins (at 30 sUSD each that's a total of 4530 sUSD) plus an additional 1000 sUSD and 1000 THALES. That comes to a return of more than 3,300% on the initial buy-in! Winners will also be able to flex on their discord friends with the “@Royale Champion” role and will receive the incredible Season I Thales Royale Winner NFT!

Season I Summary and Results

Beginning on Monday, January 31st at16:00 UTC, 151 participants entered the arena for the winner(s)-take-all battle. You can view the final scoreboard here.

The game began in an uncertain market, as seen by the negative sentiment of 95(!) participants eliminated in Round 1 for choosing down. It was looking like ETH had decided to continue Up-Only, but with just enough volatility to keep things interesting.

Round 2 resolved up, Round 3 down, Round 4 up, and Round 5 down. Anyone that made it this far surely deserved to take part in the spoils. But with just 9 players left during Round 6 positioning, the final round still skewed up heavily with 7 participants expecting a higher ETH price. Their optimism was ultimately rewarded with a share of the entire prize pool.

You can check out the result of each round to see how the drama unfolded.

Updates for Future Seasons

While we loved watching the results of Season I we always value feedback from the community and these suggestions have led to the following improvements for upcoming rounds:

New Discord Notification System

We’ve implemented a new discord role “@Royale player” that can be self-assigned just like the “@ Agora” role (for governance stuff) so participants can decide if they want to get notified for updates about the ongoing season. To add the role, go to the #thales-royale-role channel and click the “Assign Royale player role” button. You can also remove the role by clicking the “Remove Royale player role”. This gives you the choice to receive notifications about registering and positioning for future seasons.

Polls and Feedback

In addition to the notification system, we’ve created a discord channel #thales-royale-polls to gauge the community opinions on specific initiatives, as well as #thales-royale-feedback to gather ongoing suggestions to consider for future Seasons. Thales Royale is first and foremost about having fun and we’re always on the lookout for anything we can do to improve the experience.

Now it’s Time to Get Ready for Season II!

If you didn’t quite make it to the final round (or even out of the first one 😡) there are 5 more seasons on the way, with Season II beginning in less than a week on Monday, February 14th at 16:00 UTC.

You know the rules:

  • Get signed up and enter your buy-in of 30 sUSD
  • When the 8 hour positioning period begins, choose if you think the price of ETH will go up (△) and be above the target price or down (○) and be below it
  • Once positioning ends, cross your fingers and prepare for the 16 hour resolution period where ETH will decide your fate
  • At the end of the resolution period, the smart contract will compare the price of ETH price against the target price and allow the players who chose correctly (either above or below target price) to advance to the next round
  • After 6 rounds (or until all participants have been disqualified), the remaining players will receive their portion of the total buy-ins and the winner’s NFTs
  • For each of the 6 inaugural seasons, the Treasury will provide an additional 1000 sUSD and 1000 THALES

For a complete guide to participating in future rounds check out our Docs here.

So if you’d like to participate get your 30 sUSD buy-in ready. Who knows, you might be one of the skilled few left to split the buy-in pot along with the 1000 sUSD and 1000 THALES in additional prizes. Plus, participation in Thales Royale applies to Gamified Staking to boost your Staking rewards.

You can stay notified of when registering starts for Season II by joining this discord event.

The remaining Seasons will begin on the following dates:

  • Season III: Monday, February 28th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season IV: Monday, March 14th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season V: Monday, March 28th, 16:00 UTC
  • Season VI: Monday, April 11th, 16:00 UTC

See you in the arena!



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