Thales Q1 recap: Redesign, multichain, Oracle Council & much more! 🔥

Thales platform redesign

On April 4th the revamped design for Thales platform saw the light ✨

New Thales platform UI 💙

Habemus Oracle Council

If you haven’t been following the discussion around exotic markets and the Oracle Council we highly recommend you check TIP-35 with all the details, for context.

Oracle Council, colorized. Credits: Kristina, from Thales CC.
Elected Oracle Council

Exotic markets soon

Yes, with the Oracle Council elected and the Exotic markets platform demo being iterated internally (thanks everyone for their feedback!) we can see this release coming to live very soon…

Living the exotic life, wdyt?

Thales goes to Polygon!

Yes, you read that right, Thales goes multichain!

  • Thales platform (including MATIC markets 👀) will be deployed on Polygon along with Thales Royale events
  • There will be an incentivized trading competition with dual rewards (THALES and MATIC!) 🏆
Thales getting ready for his Polygon adventure

Thales Royale

Thales Royale Season VI (6)

We are reaching the end of the first iteration of Thales Royale Seasons, with registration for Season VI (number 6) scheduled to start on Wednesday 13th, 4PM UTC. For this season we are adding 3 important changes, so we delayed the start of the registration period a couple of days to properly test everything.

  • Possibility to choose all your positions for every round (UP or DOWN) when registering (you can change them later when playing every round)
  • Addition of an evolving NFT Passport! (keep reading for more info 👇)
Notice something different?

Thales Royale Passport, an evolving NFT

After lots of research and development, with TIP-42 being just approved by Thales Council, we are pretty proud to present an NFT that evolves with your position when playing Thales Royale, opening up many possibilities for those looking to enrich the experience within the game.

Thales Royale Passport NFT, beautiful isn’t it?

Royale of Royales

As we are approaching the end of the first 6 Thales Royale Seasons, we felt it’s good to remind everyone that all the winners from these 6 Seasons will get a sponsored entry (equivalent to 100 sUSD) into the Royale of Royales, a higher buy-in event where the best of the best will compete for some juicy prizes, exclusive NFTs, and the right to brag as the absolute Royale champion.

TIPs recap

Presenting in a very brief way, some highlights from Thales governance and recently approved TIPs (Thales Improvement Proposals). This list is non-exhaustive, you can check all TIPs on Thales governance page.

What he said.
A reminder of the difference between LEGACY THALES and THALES.

Miscellaneous news

  • THALES has been finally listed on Debank platform
  • Zapper request is ongoing with more than 100 upvotes on the official request and Tweets asking for its support. Please help us upvote and sharing the tweet 🙏
  • THALES integrated into Discord Tipbot for both L1 (updated from old token contract, fully functional) and Optimism, so now you can also deposit/withdraw THALES token from OP (inside Tipbot it’s called opTHALES to avoid confusion with the one from L1).

Next steps

Well, the next steps are pretty clear and cut:



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Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.