Thales October Digest

4 min readNov 2, 2023

A brief recap of the latest developments and a bit of what’s coming next!

This is the spot for all of Thales latest developments and important protocol upgrades in one place in a very condensed manner, so it can be consumed in just a few minutes. Some links are added when relevant for those who wish to dive deeper into any of the subjects mentioned.

Let’s go!

Thales protocol

  • Speed Markets has leveled up with new shorter timeframe markets! Traders can get in on ⏱️ 15 minutes and ⏱️ 30 minutes markets now! 👉
  • The Speed Market competition ended on 10/10, with 30,000 THALES distributed to the winners 🥇 and losers! You can catch up on all the success of Speed Markets and the competition in this summary.
  • Traders can now utilize the Multi Collateral offramp for Optimism and Arbitrum for Speed Markets 🏎. This means you can now collect payouts in any of the following forms of collateral: sUSD, USDC(.e), DAI, USDT, ABR, OP, ETH, WETH. For Base users, both Multi Collateral onramp and offramp have been added for Speed Markets. Positions can now be purchased with ETH and WETH, and payouts can be received in either as well. 💰
  • The Arbitrum Grant request voting period ended 10/12. Thank you to all the delegates and individual ARB holders that supported us! ❤
  • We have officially integrated Chainlink Automation🤖on Arbitrum and Optimism. You can read about Chainlink Automation and how it helps enable Thales stakers to automatically claim weekly rewards in this post📰.
  • Thanks to our analytics superhero Leifu 🦸🏻‍♂️, Thales now has its own Dune Page! 📊 Check it out at
  • Thales AMM LP performance performance so far per chain:
    Optimism: +6.34% PnL in 25 weekly rounds
    Arbitrum: +5.56% in 25 weekly rounds
  • Upcoming: stand-alone website, multi collateral (ETH) for more products, Chained Speed Markets

Overtime Markets

  • The Multi Collateral onramp and offramp are now available on Overtime. 💸Traders can buy positions and collect payouts with the following forms of collateral by chain: Optimism- sUSD, USDC, USDT, DAI, OP, ETH, WETH. Arbitrum- USDC (bridged), USDC (native), USDT, DAI ARB, ETH, WETH. Base- USDC (bridged), ETH, WETH.
  • The Overtime community has kicked off the “On The Field” Podcast 🎙️ 🏈. Check out the latest episode on Youtube and Spotify now!
  • We’ve made it even easier to go total degen by reducing the minimum buy-in for Parlays to only $3! If you need to brush up on Parlay guidelines, check out our docs. 📖
  • Thanks to the introduction of SportsAMM Dynamic Liquidity, more liquidity will be available as the start of a game approaches. Read more about this feature in TIP-175.
  • To celebrate the start of the NBA Season we’re giving away 30,000 OP & 30,000 ARB, as well as 60,000 THALES to our most dedicated basketball fans! Check out the details here.📰 🏀
  • We’ve also introduced Player Props markets for NBA, with Player Points, Player Rebounds and Player Assists available. You can also buy positions for Player Double-Doubles and Triple-Doubles. And Traders can now mix & match Player Props for the same game & category into a Parlay. 🏀
  • New basketball leagues added, with the WNBA Finals available on all networks and Euroleague live on Optimism and Arbitrum. 🏀
  • Counter Strike 2 is now available on Overtime, along with more options for LOL. Users can buy Handicap and Total positions for the LOL World Championship! 🎮
  • Same Game Parlays have been added for the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League 🏆 ⚽. Users can now combine Moneyline and Totals from the same position!
  • Player Props are now available for National Hockey League markets. You can now buy positions for Player Points, Player Shots and Player Goals. 🏒
  • More Player Props are available for Major League Baseball! ⚾ Check out markets for Player Hits, Pitcher Strikeouts and Pitcher Hits Allowed.
  • Overtime Sports AMM LP performance so far per chain:
    Optimism: +53.55% PnL in 33 weekly rounds
    Arbitrum: +64.23% in 33 weekly rounds
  • Overtime Parlays AMM LP performance so far per chain:
    Optimism: +11.29% PnL in 19 weekly rounds
    Arbitrum: +11.24% in 19 weekly rounds
  • Upcoming: Markets for more sports and leagues, additional Player Props options available for more leagues

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Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.