Thales Markets 2.0: Full redesign and greatly reduced fees

Unleashing a superior trading experience and the power of a simpler, cleaner, and more intuitive look

4 min readMay 17

All markets under one roof 💪

That’s right!

Starting today, Thales markets is releasing it’s brand new UI that brings all the power of positional markets, coupled with a simplified interface, and a more intuitive flow.

You can now find directional markets (UP or DOWN) and ranged markets (IN or OUT of a range) on the same page, with an easy-to-understand process:

  1. Choose a cryptoasset
  2. Choose a strike date
  3. Pick a market and choose the USD amount

And that’s it!

👉 You can try the new Thales markets UI here.

Brand new UI for Thales Markets

This redesign was built from the ground up and it took into account all the feedback we’ve received from our users (to everyone who shared their thoughts on the previous UI/UX we thank you 🙏)

But that’s not all in regards to user experience!

Just a few hours ago, TIP-144 was voted in by Thales Council (Thales DAO governance body) and with this implementation SafeBox fees for all markets have dropped 50% or more!

What does this mean for the end user? Greatly reduced costs to participate and tighter spreads in any positional market!

If you want more information about this, we highly suggest you dive into TIP-144 here.

But let’s get back to the new UI!

Simple yet powerful ⚡️

Thales markets has been consistently growing during the last years, with an initial deployment on Ethereum mainnet on July 2021 (currently not supported due to high gas prices for users), and subsequent deployments on Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon and BNBChain.

With over 60,000 trades already done it is pretty clear that positional markets are a useful tool for those looking into easy-to-understand derivatives.

And now, we have an UI that embraces this simplicity and takes it to another level!

Let’s break it down into it’s core principles:

✅ Simplified trading

One of the key principles was to mimic the “Ready, aim, shoot” approach, and this was translated into a simplified process of selecting a cryptoasset, a strike date, and then just picking a market (be it UP, DOWN, IN or OUT) by selecting the strike prices, visualizing all of this as a whole.

Ready, aim shoot!

✅ Clean look

We noticed that having too many options and parameters on the default view could be a bit confusing to those just discovering Thales markets. So when redesigning the dapp the ideas was to abstract the more advanced stuff out of the main display, like slippage tolerance, and letting people focus on the actual selection of markets.

Advanced options are now accesible on the gear icon

Also, you can now see all the positional markets’ strike prices (or strike ranges) in relation to the adjacent ones, with the potential ROI displayed on each one.

✅ Intuitive experience

One of the features we are most proud of is that now when you select any market’s strike price (or strike range) this can be easily visualized in the trading chart, so you get visual cues and understand where your selected market lies in regards to the current price of the cryptoasset you selected.

Another important feature for the user experience is that now before submitting the transaction you can see a detailed box which summarizes the condition that needs to be met for your position to win, and how much you will receive if the result is favorable, based on the amount of USD you input.

Visualization of strike prices (or ranges) + Summary box

If you couple this new UI with the big reduction of SafeBox fees across all markets, the tightening of spreads, and the deeper discounts available to balance the skew introduced by TIP-144, then we are sure this product can help out those looking for effective ways to gain exposure to cryptoasset prices and its fluctuations.

So, what to do now?

You can try the new Thales markets UI on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon or BNBChain here.

We would love to receive your feedback, comments, and ideas on how to further improve this unified trading experience for all of our users.

The best way to do this is by joining the Thales Discord. The Thales community is very supportive and is always looking to onboard new members, so don’t be shy and join us in the quest for open, decentralized, and efficient markets.




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.