Thales June Digest

A brief version of the latest developments and a bit of what’s coming next!

2 min readJul 3, 2023

Thales monthly digests

The idea behind this new series in our blog is to pierce together all the latest developments and important protocol upgrades in one place in a very condensed manner, so it can be consumed in just a few minutes. Some links are added when relevant for those who wish to dive deeper into any of the subjects mentioned.

Let’s go!

Thales protocol

  • Optimism foundation released 150k OP tokens to Thales DAO after completing its grant milestones 👏
  • Referral system upgrade to “sticky until overriden” to accommodate and welcome integration with other protocols and frontends. You can read more on TIP-146 and check the current referral system here.
  • Opening up the Olympians (community marketing group) for applicants within the community. You can fill the form here.
  • R&D on ZkSync deployment 👀
  • R&D on Etherspot integration (account abstraction) 👀
  • R&D on Speed markets. You can read more about this on TIP-149 👀
  • Thales AMM LP performance so far per chain:
    Optimism: +10.1% PnL in 7 weekly rounds
    Arbitrum: +4.9 PnL in 7 weekly rounds
  • Upcoming: Speed markets, flex cards, Thales vouchers, stand-alone website

Overtime Markets

  • Opening up of Parlay AMM to deposits for THALES stakers with a 5:1 ratio of THALES:USD
  • Max Parlay quote has been raised from 50x to 69x
  • Overtime added new leagues (all through Chainlink sports feeds): UEFA Euro qualifications, Nations league & U21, CONCACAF Nations league, Moto GP (is back), Women’s Roland Garros final, and DOTA Dreamleague Season 20
  • Markets served for the finals of the Champions league, NBA and NHL
  • First Postmint campaign
  • Wimbledon incentivized campaign on Optimism (5000 OP) and Arbitrum (5000 ARB) 👀
  • Ongoing incentives: Bookmark this page which is continually updated with Overtime current incentives.
  • Overtime Sports AMM LP performance so far per chain:
    Optimism: +49.3% PnL in 16 weekly rounds
    Arbitrum: +43.7 in 15 weekly rounds
  • Upcoming: Golf markets (and possibly other leagues offered by new odds provider), player props

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Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.