Thales goes to Polygon and celebrates with a trading competition! đź’Ş

Polygon Journey

Thales with his Polygon glasses on.

Thales platform and positional markets

Thales AMM

If you want, you can check a detailed guide (with screenshots) on how to use the AMM here.

Thales trading competition on Polygon

Bula or bera?
Thales sends good vibes.

Closing thoughts

  • Sports parimutuel markets platform with Chainlink sport feeds (NBA, NHL, NFL, UEFA, Champions League, etc)
  • Exotic markets platform (still in demo mode), with the Oracle Council as the settlement and ruling body.
  • Opening Thales platform AMM up for stablecoin deposits, to have deeper liquidity (final results of ongoing audits still pending).
  • Deployment of range structured products (IN and OUT) on Thales platform.
  • Deploy Thales Royale events on Polygon.
  • Continue developing the possibilities of evolving NFTs for Thales Royale positions, and much more.

What to do now



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