Tale of Thales: Infinity Hotel

Completing Tale of Thales' first cycle with a challenge!

7 min readAug 16

Tale of Thales is coming full circle, from a wild idea for an onboarding tool to a metaverse for the community to engage in a non-traditional way.

Those that have been completing daily quests for some in-game coins… now those can be used in the Infinity Hotel to create (and decorate! 🎨) your own room inside the hotel for everyone in town to visit!

But let’s not get too ahead here.

Back to the basics first.

Tale of Thales evolution

For those that don’t know about Tale of Thales, here’s the brief:

Tale of Thales is a free-to-play onboarding 8-bit style game that introduces Thales protocol, how the markets work, and some of the lore regarding the historic figure of Thales (the philosopher) and its ancient Greek surroundings.

It was initially developed for a single player to explore all the pixelated corners of Miletus while learning the in and outs of Thales. This game modality is called Story mode and it's accessible to anyone here (make sure to select the Story tab).

Tale of Thales story mode

After receiving a lot of praise for the initial release, a dream started to form…

What if having many concurrent players that could interact among them was possible?

Enter the Tale of Thales Metaverse

With this thought in mind, the Metaverse version of Tale of Thales was developed and released along a fantastic fishing competition!

Those who participated will know what kind of ELITE skills were needed for this catch!

The community had lots of fun trying to get the best catch and competing for the most coveted fisherman NFTs (that were available only for the top fishermen!).

Fishing competition = FUN

But those weren’t the only NFTs available for the Thales community!

Thales stakers were able to mint the Miletus soldier NFTs while those who drove volume on any of the Thales’ platforms (Thales markets or Overtime) were able to mint the Bronze, Silver, or Gold soldier NFTs (you can see some people wandering around Miletus showing off their shiny armors!)

Bronze, Silver, and Gold soldier NFTs

After this, the Metaverse continued to be open to everyone, inviting people to collect some in-game gold coins by doing some daily quests.

In-game gold coin

And now the time has come for those gold coins to be used!

Introducing the Infinity Hotel

Back in the day, Miletus didn’t have a place to spend the hard-earned gold coins, and everyone in town was just waiting for the super coder to build a bridge to the Infinity Hotel

From the Archives: The Super Coder letting you know the bridge isn’t finished

And that time has finally come!

You can now access the Infinity Hotel and ask the keeper to create your own unique room.

Each room created gets an identifier number assigned to it (like real-life hotel rooms) and it's displayed on the lobby menu along with the number of people currently in the room (not like real-life hotel rooms 😆).

Which room would you want to go?

So, you have your room now, that’s pretty cool 😎

But… it feels a bit empty in here, isn’t it?

Items in backpack: Zero!

Time to visit the Furniture Provider!

If you go to Miletus market square you’ll find him. Best furniture prices in town, allegedly.

Yes ser, I have lots of things on my mind right now.

To buy some furniture from him you’ll need in-game gold coins. Those can be obtained by doing the daily quests inside Miletus (time to talk to the NPCs, *ehem* I mean your friendly Miletus neighbors)

What you can do inside your Infinity Hotel room

Now that you have some furniture, it's time to decorate your room!

You can get an infinite amount of combinations by using different placements, rotations, and custom colors! 🔥

There’s a guided mini-tutorial the first time you enter your room (that’s also accessible by clicking the blue info icon) with all this information.

You can also take some cool screenshots by clicking the purple 📷 button. When you click it, it will save an image of your room on your computer.

Say cheeeese!

This is very useful for two reasons:

  1. By taking screenshots this way, when you click the 📷 button all the others visuals (status bar, backpack, etc) disappears making your screenshot look neat and clean
  2. Only screenshots taken this way are able to participate into the competition!

Competition? That’s right, let’s dive into it! 💪

Decorate your room and win some prizes!

So, now that you know all about this latest release, it's time to lay down how you can mint the Apprentice Wizard NFT and compete for one of the top 5 spots to get the limited edition Elder Wizard NFT + 200 THALES + Custom Discord role.

Apprentice or Elder, which one are you?

How to mint the Apprentice Wizard NFT

That’s pretty simple. Just create a room by talking to the Infinity Hotel keeper and you’ll be whitelisted!

The Apprentice Wizard NFT will be available (and free once whitelisted) to mint in either Optimism or Arbitrum, and will only be available to players who created a room before August 23rd 15:30 UTC.

How to participate in the competition

The competition officially starts on August 16th 15:30 UTC and the deadline to submit your screenshot on Twitter or Discord ends on August 23rd 15:30 UTC.

💡 Pro tip: The sooner you share you screenshot, more time it has to accumulate likes (Twitter) or emojis (Discord)

Rules and guidelines:

Screenshot example taken with the 📷 icon
  • The top 5 rooms will be elected as follows:
    - The 3 rooms with more likes on Twitter (tell your friends, tell your fam!)
    - The room which has more emoji reactions on Thales Discord #tale-of-thales channel
    - The room which is voted in as the most original one by the Thales Council
  • Regarding Discord, only the emoji reaction with a higher count will be taken into account, and only emojis from accounts that joined the Thales server before this announcement was made will count
  • We reserve the right to disqualify obvious botting attempts or any suspicious behavior, so everyone who is participating to have fun has a fair chance.


  • Everyone who creates a room before the competition ends will be able to mint an Apprentice Wizard NFT, as mentioned before
  • The top 5 rooms will:
    - Be included in the whitelist for the limited edition Elder Wizard NFT (only 5 will be ever available!)
    - Get a custom Discord role as Elder Wizard ✨
    - Receive 200 THALES on either Optimism or Arbitrum
    - Be recognized by the community and mentioned in the winners announcement for your amazing taste in decorating virtual spaces 💙

So, what to do now?

If you wanna play the Metaverse or Story mode, just jump in here.

If you wanna check what’s new, you can now create a room (talk with the Infinity Hotel Wizard to set you up 😉), then start decorating it with the furniture you buy with gold coins.

If you are really proud of your room and think it could be a people’s favorite, then by all means enter the competition by:
- Sharing a screenshot on Twitter following the rules and guidelines described above
- Sharing a screenshot on Thales Discord #tale-of-thales channel following the rules and guidelines described above

The deadline to submit your screenshot is August 23rd 15:30 UTC. The top 5 winners will be announced later in the day.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach us on Thales Discord. We’ll be happy to help!

Now, what are you waiting for, your Infinity Hotel room is craving some furniture and decorations! ✨




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.