Tale of Thales, binary options re-imagined

Thales secures seed funding from synthetixDAO.

At Thales we are very excited to share with you the beginning of a journey to deliver a superior binary options trading experience on the Ethereum network, being the first project specifically focused on these exotic derivatives on-chain.

Who is Thales?

Meet Thales

Thales origin and vision

During the second half of 2020, the Synthetix core contributors began to seek an external team to develop a trading platform for their binary options contracts and that’s where two long-time Synthetix community members, Danijel and Farmwell, decided to pitch in.

Place your bets people

Introducing Thales technical roadmap

Have you heard the saying:

  • 45% for community incentives. These incentives will be for liquidity mining programs and related initiatives.
  • 20% for current and future Thales core contributors
Thales dreams of Ethereum

Thales Governance

Thales governance decisions will be resolvable at first by a multisig address. The address would be managed by the Synthetix Spartan Council or the Thales governance entity, the 7 wise men. Those multisig owners will have to submit a bond with nontrivial stakes to ensure their commitment. The bonds will be slashable in case of malicious acting or failure to act on time (being AWOL).

Binary options re-imagined. Exploring on-chain derivatives in the Ethereum network.