Royale of Royales is coming. Are you ready? 👑

Open call to Thales Royale winners and those who would like a challenge!

4 min readJun 17, 2022

Put your name in Thales’ history books

Throughout the year we’ve had 9 seasons of Thales Royale on Optimism, the on-chain survival positioning game where participants chose the outcome of a crypto-asset’s price movement during a series of 6 rounds.

And oh boy it was fun!


For each of these events, played every 2 weeks, the Thales community gathered on Thales Discord to discuss their positions, engage in friendly banter rooting for either the UP or DOWN option, and also to brag when they were able to beat the competition and survive the final round 👑

We enjoyed a lot running these events, and it was a great way of building the community vibe while developing some advancements in Thales smart contracts, like the addition of Thales Royale Pass NFTs (redeemable for registering in any of the previous seasons with 30 sUSD buy-in) and the Thales Royale Passport (a fully on-chain evolving NFT that tracked positions for every round 👀), but as we announced before it’s now time to put a pause on those to fully focus on optimizing Thales core platforms, including Ranged Markets, Ex0t1c Markets, and the soon-to-be-released 0vert1me Markets (first sports AMM with Chainlink data fees 🏀).

So, how are we gonna end this first cycle of Thales Royale events?

Players waiting for the start of a Thales Royale event. Colorized.

Introducing Royale of Royales

We wanted to crown 👑 these series of events with a big one, and that’s why we decided to go with a higher buy-in event open to everyone, where all the previous winners of Season I through IX will be auto-registered sponsored by treasury (adding sUSD to the prize pool), and an incentivized prize pool for that punch of extra flavor 🔥

Pro tip: For those who dont’ know how to play in Thales Royale events or need a reminder, you can check our documentation.

Royale of Royales event details:

Where to register and play?
Royale of Royales will be played here on the Optimism network. You can also register for the event in the same page once registrations are open, see below 👇

Registration will start on Monday, June 27th, 4PM UTC and will last 72 hours. Save the date with this Discord event.
The event will start on Thursday, June 30th, 4PM UTC.

How much will be the buy-in to participate?
100 sUSD

What about the round duration?
We’ll maintain the same structure as past Royales, with:
8 hours for the positioning phase (where you’ll choose UP or DOWN)
16 hours for the resolution phase (where at the end it will be determined who chose the right option and move to the next round)

The tracked asset for this event will be no other than our beloved ETH.

All seems cool but, what about the prizes? 🏆

Royale of Royales prizes:

Those who make it through the 6 rounds (or outlast their competition) will share a prize pool composed of:

  • All buy-ins (currently 27 addresses of Thales Royale champions from Season I through IX will be auto-registered, so the prize pool will start at 2700 sUSD, and will grow as more people register for the event).
  • Plus 3000 THALES
  • Plus Exclusive Royale of Royales champion NFT
  • Plus a feature on the next iteration of Tale of Thales 👀 (and with this being acknowledged in Thales’ history books fo-re-ver)

What to do now?

You can save the date for when the registration starts with this Discord event.

If you want to participate have 100 sUSD at hand for when the registration starts, on Monday 27th 4PM UTC and register here. Then once the event starts on Tuesday 30th 4PM UTC, you’ll have 8 hours for each positioning

And if you are one of the champions from any Thales Royale Season, from I through IX, you’ll be autoregistered so don’t forget that the actual event starts 72 hours after registration period, so on Tuesday 30th 4PM UTC you should be ready to take a position for the first round. Remember, positioning phase only last 8 hours per round, so don’t miss it

May the odds be with you on this one!

This could be you.




Thales is an Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of novel on-chain, permissionless, and non-custodial Parimutuel Markets.