LYRA sweeps the final to create an upset in Thales’ first esports tournament.

4 min readMar 25, 2022

The tournament hosted by Thales featured for its first edition the popular game Valorant. Over the course of 4 hours, the four teams composed of both community players and core contributors faced each other in a nail-biting tournament. The Final was decisively won by Lyra over Kwenta with a final score of 2–0.

OG Lyra members knew that the team was gonna come back for revenge and take on this opportunity after being defeated by Thales in their Rocket League event. Let’s dig in and see what happened this time around.

Parallel to the tournament, we had Thales’ demo of the exotic markets, so let’s go over each market and resolve them based on the results seen during the tournament.

Market Resolution

1)Who will win the semi-final match between Lyra and Thales in the Thales esports tournament?

Lyra won the semi-final match with a score of 13–7

2)Who will win the semi-final match between Kwenta and dHedge in the Thales esports tournament?

Kwenta won the semi-final match with a score of 13–3

3) Will any player have an “ace” during the whole length of Thales esports tournament?

Nensi was the first and only player to obtain an “ace” during the tournament. It happened in Bind in the first game of the final at round 19.

4) How many kills Padzank will have in the whole Thales esports tournament?

Padzank only participated in the semi-match against Lyra and had 10 kills.

5)Who will have the most kills in the semi-final match between Kwenta and dHedge?

Anthony had the most kills with 30 in the semi-final match between the two North-American teams. His player name over the course of the tournament was “Cookies”.

6)Who will win the Thales esports tournament?

Lyra won the tournament by sweeping the final 2–0. Here is the score for each final match.

Final Game 1 — Bind

Final Game 2 — Haven

We hope that you enjoyed watching the tournament, we sure had a blast hosting all of you and testing our new exotic market platform. We are looking
forward to hearing your feedback on our discord servers.

We also want to say a big thank you to Jitcy for joining us on the stream and adding professional commentary to the event. Another shout out to Burt Rock for joining us with the stream support, and finally all the players for spending your Friday with us. We can’t wait to see you all again in our next tournament.

Jitcy’s Twitter:
Burt Rock’s Twitter:

Every participating player will soon be receiving a Royale Pass NFT on Optimism and a special Valorant POAP. Stay tuned for distribution.

Guide to Thales Royale NFTs

Lyra players, congratulations once again. The rewards have already been distributed to your Optimism wallets, odds were against you and the whole team pulled through.

Enjoy the bragging rights… Until next time!

You can watch a recording of our event on either Twitch link below.




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