Everything you need to know about Thales' upcoming esports tournament.

Thales is moving ahead and is launching a novel esports tournament. For the first time, on March 25th, 4 DAOs of the SNX ecosystem will be competing for the highly coveted bragging rights. At 2 pm UTC Lyra, dHedge, Kwenta, and Thales will compete in a Valorant tournament for the significant prize of 5000 $THALES.

Valorant is a fast-paced first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, the team behind League of Legends. Alternating between attackers and defenders two teams compete in a close quarter map to plant and defuse objectives. The first team to be victorious in 13 rounds wins the game. Similar to LoL players are able to select agents for the duration of the match, where each agent has its own abilities adding a layer of complexity.

Here’s a great intro video on Valorant gameplay & strategies

All community members are invited to sign up for the DAO of their choice by completing the following form https://forms.gle/cQQmtiLqXggw9sWr8. Note that at the time of writing, both Thales and Kwenta teams are full. We invite you to sign up for Lyra or dHedge in hopes to secure a spot. Player registration will be closing on the 22nd of March and the full team lineups will be announced by the team captains on the 23rd of March. As an added bonus, each participant will be gifted a Royale Pass NFT as a token of appreciation.

Once you’ve filled out the form all the action will be in Thales discord server. We will be posting announcements, organizing team coordination, and building the teams for the tournament from our discord server. So make sure to join so you don’t get left out in the dust.


Team captains of each DAO will ensure that the team is well coordinated and aware of the current tournament schedule, rules, coordination, etc. The captain will also ensure that their team is composed of 5 main players and 2 backup players by March 23rd. As a main or backup player, make sure you are reporting to your team captains when it comes to general information and team organization.


This esport tournament is also the perfect opportunity for Thales to showcase its new exotic market product. The protocol DAO will highlight the tournament by creating a new market on testnet where users will be able to participate in the tournament by choosing who they believe will win the matches. We will also take this opportunity to gather community feedback on the product and encourage our users to participate in beta testing our new initiatives.

To help users strategize and estimate the chance each team has of winning, Thales will be releasing its recruiting form (containing all participants' applications) along with the exotic market, as a source of players’ skills and abilities.


Thales' first esports tournament will be broadcast through multiple channels including Burt Rock’s Twitch account. Thales will also present the twitch stream in our gamer-voice channel. (up to 50 viewers). All broadcasts will be hosted by the Thales crew to comment and analyze the play-by-play of each match.

March 25th — All times in UTC

Round 1
Game 1 — 14:00 UTC
Team A vs Team B

Game 2 — 15:00 UTC*
Team C vs Team D


Game 3–16:00 UTC*
Game 4 — As soon as game 3 ends
Game 5 — As soon as game 4 ends

*Times and lineups are subject to change. Please refer to our discord for the latest updates


Server Rules

  • Participants must have a North American Account & a European Account. How to video & article
  • Have completed the tutorial on both accounts.
  • Servers within the same matchmaking region should be selected based on average player ping.
  • If there’s a team from each matchmaking region in the final, it will be hosted in both matchmaking regions alternatively. Starting in the region of the team that reaches the final in the least amount of in-game rounds. Tiebreakers will be determined by the total amount kills from the winning team.

Tournament Format

  • Bracket Style: Single Elimination
  • Match Style: Best of 1 & best of 3 Finals
  • Match Check-In: 15 minutes prior to the hour (see broadcast times)— Invites to be shared in Discord. Participants that miss the check-in timer due to a technical issue must contact an Admin directly through the Match Chat or Discord within 5 minutes of the issue.


  • Seeding will favor an NA vs EU Final.
  • If there’s an unequal amount of NA and EU teams, seeding will be determined randomly on March 23nd.

Match Settings

  • Game Mode: Standard Spike 5 v 5
  • The player count needs to be equal to a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players.
  • 2 Backup players can be sidelined for rotation
  • Cheats: Off


  • Round 1: Ascent
  • Round 2 (Final): Bind

General information

  • Latency might be an issue and will be part of this tournament
  • Any attempt to cheat or glitch will result in a team ban from the tournament and the user suspected will be banned from future Thales hosted tournaments.

As mentioned earlier, this tournament is a first for Thales and our goal with this trial is to start building a gaming community, get experienced at organizing esports tournaments, and obtain user feedback on our exotic market platform. We are really excited to be building this community with you guys, and as we progress we will see more of these. If you have feedback on the tournament share it with us on discord. We plan to include every gamer no matter the platform, region, or game. In the meantime, download Valorant, fill out the form, join our discord and let’s get playing!



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