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Crowdpool event ends

The initial liquidity offering for THALES token started on Monday, September 13th, 2021, 14:00 UTC and ended its bidding phase on September 15th, 14:00 UTC.

The Crowdpool received 25.6m USDC (25,695,380.6723 to be precise) and with this went above the hard cap of 5m USD by approx 5x.

Grand finale.

What this means in practice is that everyone who participated will get THALES token at 2.5 USD but they’ll only get around 20% of their USDC deposit in THALES and the remaining 80% (approx.) will be transferred in USDC back along with the THALES token when claiming on DODO’s Crowdpool platform.


Thales 🤝 DODO: A quest for a fair distribution

After having done lots of research on how to best conduct a public token offering, evaluating all the options presented to Thales core contributors, and looking for an optimal implementation where most people would feel included, we decided to go with DODO and their crowdpool solution.

DODO variable-price crowdpool is a public liquidity offering mechanism that is inspired by the call auction method. It allows for natural price discovery and, at the same time, a fair distribution to all participants for the same final price.

Sounds cool, right?

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to participate at the end…

Everything you need to know about Thales tokenomics

We’ve anticipated this moment and have been planning it for many months. Now that is finally here, we want to share this milestone with you and give you all the information regarding the Thales DAO token.

Suit up, Thales!

Thales DAO tokens will be a standard ERC20 token using the ticker THALES. Thales DAO token will be used to govern the Thales protocol. Any further utility is to be decided and voted on by Thales DAO token holders or their chosen representatives, the Thales Council.

THALES token will have a total supply of 100,000,000 (100 million) and will be distributed as follows:


NFTs… so hot right now

We’ve been amazed by how much traction and engagement are different NFT projects getting recently.

From OG Cryptopunks to apes, bulls, penguins, and many other creatures that now live in the Metaverse.

It’s amazing to see communities develop around novel ideas, knitting together the beauty of art expressions with the feeling of being part of a bigger movement.

Thales, as you might know, isn’t per see an NFT project, but a decentralized derivatives (binary options) protocol.


This doesn’t stop us from wanting to be part of the fun and give something beautiful to collect to those willing to get…

Y’all got any more of those POAPs?

In recent months, we’ve seen an emerging POAP trend not only in our own community but within the broader Ethereum ecosystem, even with Vitalik Buterin mentioning POAPs as an alternative for non-coin governance in one of his latest articles 🤯

If you are a community builder then we suggest that by all means you try and experiment with POAPs. It’s fun and it’s free!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take a step back.

What is a POAP anyway?

POAPs explained

Well, officially it stands for Proof of attendance protocol and it was originally developed during ETHDenver 2019 as a…

Responsiveness all around

We decided to tackle more of the feedback we’ve received from the Thales community a.k.a the Thales Titans, and focus our efforts on 3 key points for this release:

Continuing with the trend set in this post, this release is called Aether, the god of light and the upper atmosphere (spacesuit not included).

The Aether release

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Market overview page, market creation page, and leaderboard are now responsive.
  • Added net profit column to the leaderboard (please take into account that only…

Thales’ lightspeed engaged

Have you seen people in CT (Crypto-twitter) praising Thales devs for their release speed? ⚡

Because we have seen those comments and we are thrilled with it! Gives us more motivation to keep hitting the keyboard like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve decided to give our release updates a more formal structure, so everyone can follow along with Thales’ progress on its way to re-imagining binary options on the Ethereum network.

Without further ado, we present you…

The Achlys release

You can find the GitHub release notes here.

Brief summary:

Thales community call hits record high attendance

On August 11th, around midday for those in UTC time, the Thales community gathered together to discuss our latest developments, share their input, and have some fun time!

We were blown away by how passionate and vibrant you all were during the call. Someone said that at peak time we were around 100 people in Thales’ Discord voice channel, but can’t officially confirm that as we were talking and not counting 😆

Second community call, BAM!

Well… for those who missed it, fear not

Recording of Thales’ second community call

Here you can find the recording:

Thales community call agenda (with timestamps)

00:00 Welcome 👋 / Thales council introductions…

You got the questions. We got the answers!

This last week has been anything but quiet and we are very grateful for it.

For starters, we had not one but two deep-dive interviews where Thales co-founder farmwell represented our team and expanded into our journey so far bringing Thales from idea to MVP, working at warp-speed on an ever-changing landscape, and fostering a vibrant community from the ground up.

Conversations with the Coop

While technically this interview wasn’t done last week (it was done live on Index Coop Discord on July 29th), the recording came just a few days ago and it was so good (yes, we are biased, sorry) that we…

Thales has reached escape velocity: All systems engaged

If you were looking for a place to try on-chain binary options then today is your lucky day.


After months of hard work, iterations, and working closely with strategic partners, integrators, and our enthusiastic community, we can finally say…

The Thales platform MVP has been released on Ethereum main net 🎉

If you can’t wait to use it just click here.

But if you are eager to learn more before jumping…

Let’s dive in!

How did Thales get here?

As you might be already aware, Thales started as a spin-off project from the Synthetix community, expanded the development of a new re-imagined trading-first model for…


Binary options re-imagined. Exploring on-chain derivatives in the Ethereum network.

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